Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a full range of exercise and fitness products for any person at any fitness level, making fitness and wellness products accessible to everyone.



GoZone was created to provide a wide range of fitness accessories and equipment to help people reach their goals at a great value, for any lifestyle or experience level.


About Us

The health and fitness category can be intimidating. With an over saturated market of similar products all claiming to offer the same benefits, GoZone’s goal is to inspire confidence, remove intimidation and increase accessibility for quality fitness equipment. Whether you are a Weight lifter, a yogi in training, a marathon runner, or just looking to get GO-ing, GoZone has everything you need and great new products to discover to reach your goals. With color coded packaging like red for cardio and yellow for boxing equipment, it’s never been easier for consumers to find exactly what you need and discover new products to help achieve your goals. Our goal at GoZone is to help you build confidence, feel motivated and encouraged to keep GO-ing. Go Run, Go Boxing, Go Jump Rope, just Go with us at GoZone!